Top 10 Websites for Real Estate Investing Leads

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As per the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the majority of buyers (51%) discovered the homes they ultimately purchased online. To provide context, just 29% located their homes through their realtors, while a mere 4% relied on yard signs.

The real estate industry is highly competitive. But investing in real estate leads can significantly push the growth of your business. These probate Sale lead-generation websites compile lists of motivated sellers or buyers actively seeking an agent. Although it comes at a cost, your commissions are likely to outweigh your expenditure. Refer to this list of top sources like ListSource for purchasing real estate leads to make a substantial impact in the realm of home buying or selling.

How to Choose a Real Estate Lead Generator

Selecting a real estate lead generator for Probate Sale often boils down to cost-effectiveness. Prioritize a service that eventually pays for itself. If the initial cost is too high, it might not be profitable unless you commit to long-term use. However, occasionally pricier services are justified, especially if they include a comprehensive CRM software package.

Additionally, assess whether the service provides exclusive leads. Nonexclusive leads demand quick and convincing action to secure a client. The option to target lead purchases within specific neighborhoods or ZIP codes is crucial for establishing expertise in a particular locality.

  1. ForeClosures Daily: Trusted since 2004

They have been customers’ trusted source for exclusive off-market real estate leads since 2004, with many referrals from satisfied customers. What sets them apart is their lightning-fast ability to connect you with real estate sellers, giving you the edge over competitors. Our data offerings exclusively feature properties entering the wholesale market, including Code Enforcement, Divorce, Eviction, Foreclosure, Inheritance, Probate, Pre-probate, and tailor-made data solutions.

  1. ListSource: Your Trusted Source for Leads

Listsource provides prospect lists, homeowner lists, homeowner leads, and direct marketing lists. Explore fresh homeowner lists, reverse mortgage prospects, foreclosure prospects, and consumer marketing leads sourced, renowned experts in homeowner data, property information, and real estate analytics.

  1. BoldLeads: Targeted Lead Generation

BoldLeads provides agents with exclusive leads through Google and Facebook ad campaigns. These leads are directed to real estate websites for contact information submission. It’s important to note that while BoldLeads manages the campaigns, you’ll be billed based on the number of ads you choose to run. Additionally, BoldLeads offers a comprehensive CRM system that enables automated follow-ups using a proven funnel system.

  1. Market Leader: Tailored Leads

All the leads you receive through Market Leader are exclusively yours, ensuring you won’t face competition from other agents. You’ll consistently receive a guaranteed monthly quota of leads from your chosen target areas, eliminating any dry spells. Market Leader also leverages Leads Direct, a pay-per-click advertising initiative aimed at users actively searching for property listings on search engines.

  1. REDX: Extra-filtered Leads

REDX offers a unique advantage by granting access to expired leads, geo-targeted leads, and pre-foreclosure leads. It accomplishes this by meticulously curating publicly available data from local property listings. Moreover, REDX ensures compliance with regulations by confirming that all provided leads are not on the Do Not Call list, ensuring you stay within legal boundaries when reaching out. While REDX focuses on leads that may not actively seek assistance, converting them can be more challenging. Nevertheless, there’s a lucrative opportunity to tap into these lesser-explored segments if you possess persuasive skills.

  1. Zillow Premier Agent: Largest Real Estate Site

Zillow, the largest real estate website online, relies on this vast platform to generate leads for Zillow Premier Agent. In contrast to other firms that sell real estate leads, Zillow Premier Agent doesn’t directly furnish you with contact information

  1. CINC: Comprehensive Platform

CINC stands out as an exceptional choice for agents due to its comprehensive approach. It integrates lead generation, lead management, and marketing into a streamlined package. Additionally, CINC offers a team management tool for efficient lead distribution to the appropriate team members. To capture leads effectively, CINC employs targeted Facebook and Google Ads marketing, subjecting them to daily optimizations to ensure top-quality leads. These promising leads are directed to a conversion-optimized IDX website, allowing for personalized configuration.

  1. Pop Stream: Comprehensive Database

Pop Stream platform helps to equip real estate professionals with seamless access to essential data and tools, enabling them to effectively address the needs of homeowners and property owners.

  1. Zurple: Personalized Home Search

To initiate the lead generation process, Zurple initially crafts a personalized home search website for each of your selected target areas, with the option to choose up to ten. You can also opt for additional search engine marketing services from Zurple or import leads from platforms like Zillow or other sources. After collecting and organizing your leads, Zurple proceeds to analyze their search history, providing valuable insights to enhance your engagement strategies.

  1. Mojo Dialing Solutions: Top On-Demand Service

Mojo Dialing Solutions stands at the forefront of on-demand lead acquisition and management services. With their state-of-the-art lead management tools, data services, and advanced dialling technology, they have refined their offerings since 2008 with extensive client collaboration. As a dedicated development company, they continually innovate and enhance our services to cater to our client’s evolving needs.


Real estate agents or Probate Sales, purchasing leads can jumpstart your business, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. Even in slower market times, these services can provide valuable leads. The right choice among these websites like Listsource depends on your specific requirements and budget.

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